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With a beautiful home amidst an equally lovely community is quite the idea of a “perfect home” for most of us. Add to this is the availability of surprising facilities and amenities that will surely spell happiness, balance and comfort to the homeowners. These amenities are a treat after a week full of work, school or any activities. 

A majestic entrance gate will welcome you to this community where there are 24/7 roving security guards. High perimeter fences can also be noticed when you enter this property.   The group’s priority is the safety and security of the homeowners. They can sleep well at night knowing that they are safe here. 

You can spend time to celebrate with family and friends at the Clubhouse. Enjoy and have fun while celebrating get-togethers such as your birthday or that of your love ones, baptismal parties, bridal showers or even graduations. Schedule regular meet-ups with friends and do it here. Or you can also hold it in the pavilion or multi-function hall you plan and enjoy private videoke sessions or just lounging round with some good food and drinks.  For sure, these will be fun times and you would always cherish and remember the memories. 

Enjoy the landscaped gardens as you do walking, jogging or running around the neighborhood. It is best to start the day stretching out your muscles and do your morning exercises around the sprawling, open property. The vibrant and green environment you belong and these beautiful landscaped gardens are proof that it is nice to unwind in this property and it takes a little time and effort from you.  The best things in life are free. With a breathtaking ambiance before you – it is always a joy to appreciate the things around you. Bask in, indulge and feel all this calm and happiness around you. 

Your kids will just be as delighted as there are children’s park and playground around. Let your kids play all they might as you watch over them. This is so convenient since you need not get out and play games at the arcade in the mall. There are a number of good playing equipment and structures so children will not be in wanting. Try to join in your kids’ games so you also know what excitement it brings and that would be wonderful. 

The sporty and active ones will be pleased to know that there’s a basketball court in the neighborhood where they can play. Form your teams by inviting family, friends and neighbors. Practice all you want, even everyday. Run and flex those muscles and practice your jumping skills. Let your love ones cheer you on as you run and shoot for those baskets. Basketball is clearly the most favorite sport of most of the Filipinos so it is no wonder that many will be happy when they’re aware that they can play this sport right within their doorsteps. 

Plan your walking or running sessions around these landscaped gardens. Breathe the cool, crisp air and be refreshed with all the greens amidst all you. Life is truly beautiful, isn’t it?  More so if you live in a warm and breathtaking community such as CAMELLA Palo. 

Lastly, carport is provided every unit and this is included in their space planning. There are also balconies for some units. The units have spacious spaces out there that you can use as backyard or other service areas you may want to plan out.

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